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We recommend you call our office prior to submitting this form to ensure that we handle speeding tickets in the jurisdiction where you were cited. Our office number is 229-207-0850. Ask to speak with the speeding ticket assistant, Tara Smith.


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  • Price: $275.00
    This is your flat rate fee for limited legal services as outlined below.
  • If you are able, please scan and attach a copy of your ticket here. It is helpful for us to provide a copy of the ticket when communicating with the prosecutor and/or clerk of court. If you are unable to scan and attach, please try to fax the ticket to our office at 229-686-2989.
    By your selection, you are entering into this agreement which serves to outline the parameters of our relationship. This firm has agreed to represent you on the following basis regarding your Georgia speeding ticket. The fee for limited legal services regarding your traffic ticket is $275. This is a FLAT RATE FEE and is considered earned upon payment. This fee includes negotiation of a speed reduction in an attempt to avoid submission of the ticket to the Georgia Department of Driver Services and to avoid designation as a Georgia Super Speeder (which imposes an additional fine of $200 under the Georgia Super Speeder Law). This fee for legal service does not include any fine which may be imposed by the court nor the appearance by the attorney at any arraignment, pre-trial hearings, or trial of the speeding case. Once we have negotiated your case, you will receive and e-mail of instruction informing you our your rights and responsibilities. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to comply with the instructions you are provided. Failure to follow the instructions or remit payment by the designated deadline may result in the negotiation being voided. IT IS ALSO YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check your voice mail and e-mail regularly during the course of our limited representation as this is our primary method of communication. We are not responsible for lost attachments sent through e-mail. We are not responsible for any mistakes made by members of the Clerk of Court’s office for submissions of tickets submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles in error. In the unlikely event that we are unable to negotiate a reduction of speed or are unable to assist you due to time constrains or otherwise, your money will be refunded in the form of a check sent by U.S. mail. In the event of a refund, a $25.00 administrative service processing fee will be deducted. Further, you understand that requirements for reduction of speeding tickets vary from one jurisdiction to another and depending on a number of factors such as your age and driving history, you may be required to complete a defensive driving course in order to obtain a reduction on your speeding ticket. In addition, you agree to cooperate in providing necessary information, including but not limited to obtaining your driving history and submitting the same to our firm should one be requested by the court. You have provided us with a credit card and by acceptance of this agreement, you are authorizing this firm to process the credit card for payment in the amount of $275.00. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia. This agreement represents a complete agreement of the parties and contains all material provisions of the party’s agreement. There shall be no more modifications of this agreement.

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